Who We Are?

About our company proyectNavegante Urbano is a company of entrepreneurs dedicated to the promotion and creation of tourist activities that reaffirm the identity of society by taking advantage of its cultural elements, thus generating interest in tourists using socio-cultural and historical environments. Through these activities, both touristic and Eco touristic, reaffirm the identity of our history and ancestral knowledge.

For any community, embracing and making its culture its own is a fundamental pillar for social development and the preservation of its cultural wealth, since this allows us to maintain our identity. Knowing more about our roots defines us as a society and allows us to appreciate it.

However, for the host groups, Mexico in the present case, the simple fact of being heirs to a culture as extensive as it is diverse, does not guarantee an increase in the tourism market or the appropriate responsible and respectful use of tourism resources available at the destinations. Cultural tourism and the creation of related content face the challenge of adequately integrating archaeological, architectural, sociocultural and even gastronomic resources in common themes that have historical common threads and are sufficiently attractive to generate interest, demand and increase the vocation of the destination. 

Navegante Urbano maintains a high quality both in its activities that it offers and in its customer service, positioning itself as an excellent alternative for all those interested in knowing the true essence of the History that has forged us through time. Our value is embodied in the services we offer, and which represent a definitive opportunity for innovation and competitiveness for all those seeking a unique and memorable tourist experience.

Why Choose Us?

About our company proyect

Being different is not enough, we look for what distinguishes us from others, we innovate and set sail in search of new clients that help us improve ourselves with each new activity.

Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers. We think differently, we seek to try something new. Do you dare to follow us? –Steve Jobs

When knowledge grows, opportunity appears. Give us the opportunity to meet you. We learn from our clients by creating wisdom from experience.

Service is not what we do, but who we are. We want you to never forget that feeling and satisfaction, thus creating our reputation and great joy for what we do.

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