VentureHikes Trails Plants of Mexican History & Folklore

6 TO 7 HOURS / PRICE $ 2399MXN ($ 119 USD)
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Navegante Urbano PV & the Vallarta Botanical Garden are offering their own official guided tour to this world-famous garden destination and pristine nature reserve! This exclusive experience immerses guests in both the natural beauty of Mexican plants and the richness of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Take for example one of Mexico’s best celebrated gifts to the culinary world… vanilla. For too many people in the 21st century, the word “vanilla” has become interchangeable with “plain” or “boring” — but we say that is because they’ve never had the good stuff: authentic natural vanilla oozing in exotic aroma and full-bodied flavor! To the earliest Spanish conquistadores of Mexico, who first introduced this extravagant spice to Europe, vanilla and chocolate were botanical treasures worth more than their weight in gold. Even today, vanilla remains one of the most valuable spices on the planet. Vanilla is just one of many captivating plants featured in this brand-new all-inclusive tour of the Vallarta Botanical Garden. From tasty tropical crops that tease your palate to fascinating flowers that are truly feasts for the eyes, there is something for everyone in this one-of-a-kind garden adventure.

Your experience begins upon meeting up with your official Vallarta Botanical Garden guide who will serve as your companion and ambassador of Mexico’s tremendous native flora and fauna. Together you will wind your way along Vallarta’s stunning south shore and up the Horcones Canyon to the world-famous Vallarta Botanical Garden. From there the adventure begins in earnest as you venture through garden trails, conservatories, and exhibits to explore and learn together. You will then dine in the magnificent Hacienda del Oro Restaurant with generous portions of authentic Mexican cuisine spotlighting some of the plants you just experienced in cultivation. Afterwards, you’ll also have some free time to wander the garden at your leisure, swim in the crystalline waters of the mountain river flowing through the forest preserve, capture some photographs, or relax with a drink in hand at the observation deck of the Garden’s Visitor Center.


DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the pick up point.
Vallarta Botanical Garden entrance Insect repellent An authentic Mexican meal
Welcome refreshment A flower for the ladies Visit to the Cabinet of Curiosities

There is nothing quite like the Vallarta Botanical Garden, and the new Botanical Delights Tour and Culinary Adventure is the best way to enjoy the most from your experience there. A day of delights will provide memories for a lifetime. 


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3 reviews for VentureHikes Trails Plants of Mexican History & Folklore

  1. Lauryl and Ken Chestnutt

    The Botanical Garden tour was fun and educational. The tour guide, Edd, was very knowledgeable. The change of pace from the traditional beach focused tour was refreshing. The food and hospitality at the restaurant was first rate – the best we’ve had in Puerto Vallarta to date.

  2. Steve and Renee Smithers

    Marcos Mendoza, was a very knowledgeable and friendly guide. We enjoyed the Botanical Gardens and learned so much. The lunch was fantastic and he continued to entertain us with storied about the history of the area. We are planning on going on another tour with him next week!
    Thank you Marcos

  3. Matthew Wright

    Marcos Mendoza Was simply the best tour guid you could ask for. He was so kind and knowledgeable. First he picked my wife and I up at a StarBucks “Awesome way to start the day rite?” Then he drove us off in this Slick White Clean Suburban. Off we went to the south end of the Bay of Banderas up into the hills we went. Passing all of busses and taxis. That would normally take so much longer to get to are destination. The Vallarta Botanical Gardens. His tour of the gardens were jam packed with so much useful information and historical facts that you honestly found yourself relaxed and focused on the beauty of what this garden is offering you. Request Marcos if he is available. You won’t regret it. His personal knowledge of the area and gardens you can’t pass up. Pick the Tour with the Lunch at the gardens restaurant. The food is authentic and delicious. You will enjoy it. Just book it already!!!

    Sincerely: Matthew W
    Oregon USA

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-The only guided tour of the World-Famous Vallarta Botanical Garden by Official Garden Guides

-Air-conditioned transportation to and from several convenient Puerto Vallarta area locations

-Natural discovery:

              -Native plants including agaves, cacti, magnolias and one of Mexico’s most extensive orchid collections.

               -Glimpses of native animals often including colorful parrots and up to a dozen different species of                            hummingbirds.

-Lunch at the award-winning Hacienda de Oro Restaurant

-Opportunities for additional activities such as swimming in a tropical river or making your own vanilla extrac


Nuevo Vallarta(Starbucks las Juntas) 8:10 am
Marina Vallarta (Collage)
8:30 am
Flag Pole (Estadio) 8:40 am
Puerto Vallarta (Central Office) 8:50 am
Conchas Chinas (Oxxo) 9:15 am
Mismaloya (Jacalito Restaurant) 9:35 am